When are dangerous times ahead…

Aug 19, 2017 Dillon Freed When are dangerous times ahead? When the people become obsessed, and begin parading around, long past dates of old battles – watch out. When politics become more important than sports, or equally as important. When history’s tragedies, slaughters, and evil begin to morph into sources of tremendous pride. When the […]

Political Dance Theory: How Students Thinking is All Choreographed

October 19, 2016 Dillon Freed I was in one of my graduate school classes, and naturally, then commenced a bashing of all things conservative and American. About twenty students plus a professor, and only one, myself, trying to explain that the conservative party and America wasn’t arrantly racist and sexist. I feel like I won, but you […]

Emotional Hypocrisy

May 24, 2016 Dillon Freed Emotional hypocrisy today is epidemic and shameful.  We see extravagances of rage over relatively minor societal disturbances; and conversely, frugal indignation concerning actual evil and idiocy. We watch people go berserk over dubious accusations of “racially charged” language, and then observe the calm manner in which they discuss inner-city murder rates. There are enormous, frothing mouth and bulging eyed protest rallies […]

11 Predictions

Jan 7, 2017 Dillon Freed Here are some predictions for what will occur in the next few centuries: 1) Artificial intelligence and materialistic neuroscience will lead to spiritual catastrophe – there will be a great spike in the number of educated people who do not believe in any metaphysics at all. The imitation of human consciousness by robots […]


April 10, 2016 Dillon Freed Many soi-distant intellectuals and upstart concerned citizens are condoning inaction in Iraq and Syria after several chemical attacks by soberly saying, “both sides are wicked.” Other realpolitik-Machiavellian souls are averring much the same in a different way: let them fight each other and do whatever they wish so long as it […]

Scary Terms and Phrases, When Language Works: Part I by Dillon Freed

Most of the time, political language fails in terms of accuracy and grammar. Consider: “collateral damage” which actually describes innocents incidentally lapped up into the mouth of death during war, but the sound of the words seem only to remind one of a shaky tailpipe after a fender-bender. Or try: “man-made disasters” which are what terrorist attacks […]


Maybe it is time for you to suffer from Goodnoia and not paranoia – watch this video to learn more! From LifeMaxedOut.com

This is the Love

This love is to love the pinky toe in weight to the face, And the harsh coughs as if whispered vows. The hard sleep as moans of pleasure. And the grumbling tummy as if a delicate laugh. This is a wonderful panicking. This is the fight and the submission of a rebellious religion. And it […]

All for Goddamn Naught

Brodie-helmeted, man-beasts barrel toward Vickers-blowing, bayonet-bladed men Under this glasslike blue skyshell, cross a dead-pocked, grassless fen. Death-bound screams swell-hollow, among bashed-space and trembling bomb-shook, leafless trees; Rattling weapons, sibilating bullets, missile shrieks raze silence, the warisons riot the breeze! Chaotic-thick tangle: buzzing bluebottles, spiraling-wobbled and concussed display more sense. The lucky-lions Valhalla-bounced fast, the […]

The Three Ages of Trump

Oct 21, 2016 The Three Ages of Trump: The Age of Being the Outsider, the Early Primaries. He says strange things that still can be justified – he doesn’t explain his positions well, but he will. He’s new to politics. He didn’t say they were all rapists. He was talking about the Mexican government sending over “their” […]