August 12, 2017 Dillon Freed It takes mighty and unceasing labor to not be a fool. One literally has to rip him or herself from belief systems as one has to wake oneself from sleep paralysis. The human brain’s default is to be enchanted by stupid and easy ideologies – even when […]

18 Rules that will Help you Avoid being a Fool

Maybe it is time for you to suffer from Goodnoia and not paranoia – watch this video to learn more! From LifeMaxedOut.com


The godless walked through a patch of prayer, And even a skyscraper moves a little in the wind against its towering will. – Dillon Freed Penmanship

Patch of Prayer

This love is to love the pinky toe in weight to the face, And the harsh coughs as if whispered vows. The hard sleep as moans of pleasure. And the grumbling tummy as if a delicate laugh. This is a wonderful panicking. This is the fight and the submission of […]

This is the Love

Brodie-helmeted, man-beasts barrel toward Vickers-blowing, bayonet-bladed men Under this glasslike blue skyshell, cross a dead-pocked, grassless fen. Death-bound screams swell-hollow, among bashed-space and trembling bomb-shook, leafless trees; Rattling weapons, sibilating bullets, missile shrieks raze silence, the warisons riot the breeze! Chaotic-thick tangle: buzzing bluebottles, spiraling-wobbled and concussed display more sense. […]

All for Goddamn Naught

Oct 21, 2016 The Three Ages of Trump: The Age of Being the Outsider, the Early Primaries. He says strange things that still can be justified – he doesn’t explain his positions well, but he will. He’s new to politics. He didn’t say they were all rapists. He was talking about the […]

The Three Ages of Trump

October 19, 2016 Dillon Freed I was in one of my graduate school classes, and naturally, then commenced a bashing of all things conservative and American. About twenty students plus a professor, and only one, myself, trying to explain that the conservative party and America wasn’t arrantly racist and sexist. I feel […]

Political Dance Theory: How Students Thinking is All Choreographed

Aug 27, 2016 Dillon Freed There must be a new degree program at university called The Insanities, and it must be the most popular major nationwide. The curriculum must include striving for ignorance in history, economics, and psychology. And yet, at once, feeling as if you have all the solutions to the […]

The Insanities: The Most Popular College Major in America

July 16, 2016 Dillon Freed What’s in a name?  The Right has had tantrums about President Obama’s reluctance to utter the term “Islamic terrorism.” But whether it is appropriate or not comes down to what his advisors are suggesting. And by his advisors, I mean only those around him who have spent significant […]

The “New Acts of God” – Islamic Terror