Jan 7, 2017 Dillon Freed Here are some predictions for what will occur in the next few centuries: 1) Artificial intelligence and materialistic neuroscience will lead to spiritual catastrophe – there will be a great spike in the number of educated people who do not believe in any metaphysics at all. The imitation […]

11 Predictions

While the West, teary-eyed, angsts itself over trigger warnings^, micro aggressions and safe spaces, the beasts of radical Islam, as we saw last night, are eager to pull real triggers, engage in true aggression, and create killing spaces. What has happened to the people of the modern world, that after such a culling […]

Midnight in Paris by Dillon Freed

It Always begins with a Popular Delusion  When Bashar al-Assad came to power , the media predicted that this “London educated” man would lead Syria to a new world, they called it the “Damascus Spring” (recall when Nancy Pelosi went to visit the President?). When Kim Jong Un came to power, […]

The Arab Spring Refugees by Dillon Freed

When it comes to race, we have a quartet of idiocy in this nation, and no one seems to really put it all together out of fear of being labeled something sinister. But I will do it, to hell with it:

Racism and a Quartet of Idiocy by Dillon Freed

When celebrities and the intelligentsia label the subject of the movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle, a “psychopath” for not caring too much about those he killed in Iraq, as repulsive as that slander is to hear for some of us, those who utter it may, from a certain perspective, be forgiven. It […]

American Psycho? – In Defense of Chris Kyle by Dillon ...

You Can’t Look the Government in the Eye I have a friend that is trying to start a business – a valiant endeavor in my opinion. And yet, she is on food stamps, and wants free healthcare and believes all women should have paid-for birth control. She thinks that if […]

Big Angel is Watching (Over) You by Dillon Freed

Turn on the news, surf here and there, and all you will hear and see is just how bigoted, sexist, racist, warlike, homophobic, broke, and in general, how terrible the land of Manifest Destiny has become. No doubt some truth in the reporting, but since we live in the quantum […]

Heisenberg’s America by Dillon Freed