Victims of the World Unite by Dillon Freed

Mar 7, 2016

After World War I, Marxists panicked: the workers of the world had not unified; instead they draped on the uniforms of their homelands and slaughtered each other.

How had the infallible Godhead Marx gone wrong? Why hadn’t the workers aimed the guns at the oppressive plutocrats?

The Marxist intellectuals emerged a bit later with a theory: It was Western civilization that had stayed the hand of history, polluted the minds of the laborers, and warped their Hegelian inclinations to live in a brotherly utopia.

Thus, it was time for a new ilk of revolution. The Marxists made secondary their loathing of capitalism, and instead, began splashing corrosive acids on the traditional Western pillars of family, sexual caution, religion, and patriotism.

Why precisely those things?

The blood of family attenuated the spirit of communism. That is, how can your fellow citizens be your brothers if you have double-helix connections at home? Communism only works if there is a saintlike love for everyone equally.

Sexual prudence actuated the desire for marriage, this of course, would lead to family, and therefore, society, the Marxists stated, was to be an entangled, unending melange of orgies. I imagine in the perfect Marxist world you would not know your mother or father, and every adult would therefore be a parent for every child (e.g. “it takes a village.”)

Religion was the barbiturate of the masses in that it made people patient for paradise. How could Communism bring utopia to earth unless that patience was stripped from them? Religion had to be attacked in every way, everywhere.

But patriotism, above all, Marxists truly believed caused the workers to not band together prior to the Great War. Even today, it is very, very hard to get the Left to speak kindly of America. How can you create a global movement if people think the slab of geography on which they live is somehow special? The citizen must be by default captious and unwilling to forgive his nation’s past sins. The citizen had to hate where he lives.

On an aside, the Marxists also encouraged, or at least did not protest, the “worship of the exotic.” Eastern spirituality, island and jungle tribe traditions, even religions such as Islam, were viewed as superior to the Occidental as well as a victim of it. This further undermined fidelity to the West.

However, a question remained: who would form the revolutionary army that would constitute a new revolt?

The Marxists would no longer rely on “workers.” Instead, they chose minorities and victims.

First, they would splinter society into varying oppressed groups, and then let those splinters glue themselves to each other, forming a spear – only then would the rebellion commence.

They realized this would take generations.

At times, feminists, gay rights groups, and black rights groups fight each other, but in 2016 all these disparate victims appear to be unifying.

Did you watch the Oscars?

The show was based on the claim of black bias in Hollywood. Then there were movies about gay victims and abusive family situations (see Carol). There were addresses hinting at female victimhood (see Sara Silverman’s speech). There were rape victims (see Lady Gaga’s song), transexual victims (see Danish Girl), and Asian victims (two little Chinese boys strolled onto stage and were said to be working as accountants for the Academy, the idea here is that the Western world uses Orient child labor to build their trinkets). There were victims of free markets (see The Big Short), and a movie about pedophiliac Catholic priests (see Spotlight).

The souls represented in these movies are mostly, unquestionably victims in one way or another. But that’s not my point.

My point is that there is an obsession with victimhood to the extent that when one now thinks of America its sins come first to mind, not its virtues. Often, people are hard-pressed to name what is good about this country. The noble intention of helping those in need, has the base intention of debasing the West.

Those doing it, ironically, think they are making the West stronger with their obsession with iniquity. Much like the Catholic who thought feeling guilty a way to the Almighty – it usually ended only in bitterness and confusion.

Ask yourself: what would an alien think if it landed here and watched the Oscars? What type of world would it believe America to be? A decent place? Or hell? I think the thing would see it as a realm of superficial, sick wealth sitting atop stewing hatred and inequality. I guess that is how many on the Left view this nation.

No nation can take this onslaught of unceasing focus on the negative too long. But that was always the plan, and the plan is working. People today are less devoted to the Western way of things than ever before. Sure, they still would not consciously trade Western toys, medicine, freedom, and entertainment for something else; yet again, they don’t realize they might kill the culture which produces those benefits and boons.

Lastly a warning: they should be careful, for tyrants often rise in ages in which the patriotic feel (sometimes correctly) their nation is unfairly shamed or humiliated.