The Dangerous Return of White Pride

March 15, 2016

Dillon Freed

Poor, white Americans feel as if they are under attack. 

I follow the discussion boards of conservative blogs and magazines and read what they say. I also talk to poor whites. And for the first time in my life I am starting to see normal white people (to differentiate from the David Duke ilk) identify as white, that is, they are starting to see whites as a politically, aggrieved entity. And I have been talking about this before Trump ran for President.

We are seeing white student unions, white dating sites – how long before whites start saying they need “safe spaces” as well?

Prior to this, ‘whiteness’ as an identity marker was not really brought up by whites. There were crude racist jokes and epithets on these conservative forums – but one always felt that this was a juvenile and wicked way to get laughs or likes. There was no feeling that “we white people are better than those black people.” One couldn’t locate, or as much as it is possible to get a sense of emotion through a discussion board, any true animosity toward blacks. I make this claim also because some of the worst racist things said, hardly ever got “likes.”

And to be honest, one still doesn’t get that impression – yet. But one does get another impression, one that often precedes authentic bigotry, and that is pride. White people are starting to feel white pride. Not good.

And I’m not talking about KKK members, or Neo-Nazis, but average, poor whites who do not feel that they are racist at all. That’s important to remember – they do not feel they are racist. You must remember this.

I have read on various comment sections: “Well if Whites and Europeans are so bad, why don’t we just take back all the things we invented.” They then list electricity, cell phones, computers, the Internet, flight, etc.

I have to surmise that this is in reaction to being considered the bane of society by Europe, Hollywood, the media, and universities.

I read a comment in an article critical of a Trump rally, and which called his followers “clearly bigoted.” The poster wrote: “Take your anti-white… propaganda hit piece and shove it.” (my emphasis)

In a New York Times comment section one man wrote: “This is about the eight thousandth article appearing in the liberal establishment media all but calling Trump’s supporters bigoted, uneducated, poor white trash. I’m still waiting for the first article describing the less-educated, less-affluent Democratic voters who turned out in droves for President Obama as being ‘uneducated,’ broke and filled with rage…oh, I forgot, those voters are ‘underprivileged’ and suffering from systemic educational bias and rampant employment discrimination. Got it.”

I don’t think in comments like that they are being racist – they feel they are being stereotyped and prejudiced against. And don’t simply pass over these angry white people as “uneducated.” They are educated in many ways if not through our school system. These people read, they know the stats, they watch the news. They are informed – but maybe just not with the type of information you consider accurate.

If you talk to them, they are angry about being blamed for everything. They are angry that black people are not being told to take responsibility for their own lives. They hate being called racist for holding that point of view. They are sick of being blamed for black violence, and more sick of the fact that the media makes it seem as if white violence against blacks is what holds blacks back. I’m not saying this – this is what they are saying. Again, they always claim, they don’t hate black people at all.

But they know that the black violent crime rate and drop-out rate is sky high, and don’t feel like racism, or their white privilege, has anything to do with it.

Speaking of the #checkyourprivilege movement, one man told me, “I worked 14 hour days for the last week, some days shoveling out shit from some broken septic tanks – if they think I’m privileged they can kiss my white, fucking ass…I got no problem with black people, but enough is enough… Every time I turn on the news, I’m told I’m the problem. I’ll vote for Trump, it’s like the middle finger to all of them.”

These poor whites feel they are being unfairly made guilty for things they have never done or even thought about. They also feel no connection to, nor responsibility for, slavery or the Civil Rights abuses from half a century ago even if those are legitimate explanations for the woes of the black community. They feel they had nothing to do with those things, have nothing to do with current racism, and it’s time to move on. That might be a rushed assessment, but I don’t think that makes them racist.

I saw a shift toward identifying as white after the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

What irked them about that event was this: the media reported that a white man, George Zimmerman, had shot a pre-pubescent, 13 year old black boy in self-defense – and was free and never investigated or charged. The media put up a picture of the 13 year old boy. I didn’t read anywhere, any sort of defense of Zimmerman at that juncture. This looked like a clear case of racism on part of the shooter as well as the police. 

Yet, a few days later, Zimmerman turned out to be Hispanic, and the boy, while still a minor, was 17 years old, not 13, and much bigger. Self-defense didn’t seem so insane. 

No one knows what happened that night, but several white people I spoke to asked, Why had white people as a group been blamed, or associated with, a Hispanic man shooting a black kid under questionable circumstances? What did it have to do with them, they wondered? They weren’t buying the “systemic” stuff.

They were pissed that every tragedy was grouped under the rubrics racism or sexism or Islamophobia, and indirectly or directly, blamed on white people and America.

They felt the national news media often seemed to grossly exaggerate or distort stories to fit the narrative “whites are evil.” Along with Trayvon was Ahmed the clockmaker, the University of Missouri protests, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, Freddie Gray, etc.  They felt all of these occurrences were likewise dubious instances of racism. In the Freddie Gray case for instance, in which a black man was put in the back of a police van only to die later from injuries riding therein, most of the people in power in Baltimore, where the crime took place, are black, and many of the cops involved in his awful death were minorities. Why is the racism of white cops mostly on trial here?

Gun crime also riles them. Most murderers, I read constantly on forums, in this country are committed by ostensible Democrats, in Democrat counties, that is, by gangs in the inner-cities of places like Chicago or New Orleans. Conversely, they said, clearly most of the mass shootings are done by the mentally ill, and that there is a drastic difference between a paranoid schizophrenic, or as one man put it, “someone whose brain is fucked up big time,” and a gang banger who has decided they don’t value human life.

But the media and academics and Hollywood, one man said, “makes it seem as if all us rednecks are the problem for all murder.”

I must also mention, they feel, that coinciding with white-blame, is blaming America for all the world’s woes. They love their country, and think it treats people fairly. They loathe liberals more than anything because, to them, it appears all they ever focus on is America’s negative aspects. And as one man informed me, “It’s so bad, if they can’t find something negative, they make it up. They exaggerate things…. They are the reason Trump exists, Fox exists, talk radio exists, and they don’t know it. How can they not see the bias?”

In short, they feel the Left wing has lost its mind, for the past twenty years there has been an all-out mania and attack on whites and the nation. They feel as if this was utterly unfair, and they are totally sick of it. Trump is popular because he hits at that feeling – who cares about Planned Parenthood or his past Democratic associations.

And now, you see, the word “racist” has become a joke to those on the Right. Literally a punchline: “I think the Bulls will win the game.” “Oh yea,” says guy #2, “that’s because you are racist.” 

Most whites I spoke to think racism is just a made up thing. There have been too many cries of wolf they say; meaning, cries in the national media – that are often hysterical in nature.


I went to a disgusting place last night. I went to a website called Stormfront. It’s a white supremacist domain.

(On an aside, note today how the term “white supremacy” is thrown around flippantly. We are told we live in a “white supremacist” country, of course, never mind there is a black President. It’s not that white power can’t exist with a black president – it can, but the larger point is, words have lost their meanings as the Left has expanded definitions to fit their view of reality. Racism (like rape) are today often merely subjective feelings rather than objective bigotry or crime.) 

Let me tell you something: it’s a shame that the word racist has lost its meaning by being applied to nearly anything nowadays because when you meet a real racist that word doesn’t seem to have any bite left. 

Let me give you an example of two horrendous comments from Stormfront: 

“Negro behavior has flourished for thousands of years in Africa, and a dozen generations of them born in America as Americans wont cease their natural instincts to kill at-will anything that may be holding something they want. I try and try to point out the obvious to the programmed Whites i meet and its like talking to a wall.” (Copied verbatim) 

Another, in reference to a serial NYC rapist on the loose:

“These apes sure do have a monopoly on rapes, don’t they?” (Copied verbatim) 

It is hard to even paste those. How disgusting. These true racists are not the type of whites I am writing of in this article. And it is a shame they are grouped with these people – it’s despicable really. But that’s why many whites are so mad!

Still, people can become demonic in the right environment. If we know anything of history, it is how fast ordinary people can lurch into irrational, bigoted bloodlust! The Germans, the Serbs, the Japanese, the Hutus, and so on all became fanatics and didn’t seem to have it in them, so to speak, until they had it in them.

This is what worries me exceedingly about some of these poor whites and their nascent feelings of white pride.


The psychiatrist Carl Jung once was training a young therapist. The therapist had just been in a room with a schizophrenic, and when she came out of the room Jung asked for a report.

The new therapist declared, “Oh we can’t help him, the patient really thinks he lives on the moon!”

Jung replied, “Oh my dear, the patient does indeed live on the moon!”

Jung made the distinction between facts and psychological facts. No the insane man wasn’t literally on the lunar surface, but in his mind, he surely was.  

I’m certain some of you reading this are snickering when I say white people feel as though they are under attack. You are thinking, “Oh save me the victimhood of whites! How can white people feel oppressed, they are privileged? They aren’t black. They don’t know what it is like to be discriminated against. They need to just quit whining.”

Maybe that is a fact.

But a psychological fact is that they feel they are being assaulted, and thus, from a certain perspective, they are being assaulted. 

Another fact of the human psyche is that attacked groups bond together especially when they feel humiliated or wrongly accused. 

And one more psychological fact: if you wrongly label someone something long enough, eventually they may come to embrace and embody that term. You see it in relationships all the time, “Oh I’m an jerk, huh? That’s all you ever say about me. Well then fine, I’ll show you an jerk.”

This “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” feeling seems to be raging among many poor whites – they feel as if there is nothing they can do to be on the good side of black people or the media or academia or Hollywood unless they agree with that point of view. But they don’t – at all  – and don’t like being forced to do or believe anything.

Again, you may very rightly argue against my article, which is of the opinion that non-racist people might become racist. You may claim that it is a personal choice to be a racist or not – you may say, “If they want to be racist I have nothing to do with that – that’s on them.” True, no doubt.

But what is also true without doubt is that people don’t always have control of their minds, and the context can turn decent people into villains.

I have to go with what I have seen. I really, really disagree with the assessment that these people were always “racist” and finally just found an outlet for their prejudice in Trump. That is in no way my experience with poor whites all over the country. In fact, by my estimation, they still aren’t racist – they are just starting to think of themselves as a “white people” – they do this, so far, without denigrating others.

And yet, this is extremely dangerous – we know what the 1950s were like.

So what can be done to stop this white coagulation? First, the urge to blame and shame “whites” for all of society’s problems must stop. You may think this doesn’t happen, but watch the news with their eyes – and see if you can see it how they see it. I can.

Second, when there is a charge of racism it must be indubitable – it can’t rely on mind-reading, nebulous theories of “systemic” this or that, or Da Vinci Code like seeking of hidden clues. Wait until you have clear proof of racism (see Donald Sterling).

Third, when there is proven racism blame the racist(s), that is, the individual or the specific group – not whites as a whole, or America in general. In other words, be very precise when defining problems and damning wrongdoers, and rule everything else out before assuming the worst in people. Just buy doing this, the “system” will start to correct itself.

And fourth, as one critiques America, one must balance it with praise; after all as many point out, millions of people risk life and limb to come here, it can’t be that awful. For every negative thought or statement about America, try to balance it with at least one or two that give her some plaudits. Doing these few things would surely calm the growing danger of white pride. (cf. the Losada ratio)

In short, I believe that the poorer whites fairly accurate perception of “anti-white” bias in the news, entertainment and academic worlds is leading to a scary return of white pride. But we can stop it and reverse it.