The “Educated” Vote

May 10, 2016
Dillon Freed

When it is said that the Right has the “uneducated vote,” do those who say it mean to imply that a person who went to college is, just for the going, educated? Or for that matter, brighter than someone who didn’t attend?

That’s a magnificently dumb assumption. Some of the slowest people one will ever have the misfortune of knowing are “highly” degreed. (Nearly as stupid as most “world travelers” – another group bequeathed an aura of “wisdom” they don’t deserve because they loitered for a week in a hostel in some foreign country.)

In fact, venture to your average college and observe that most of the enrolled don’t read anything, don’t study, skip classes, engage in neuron-eradicating binge drinking, and text, post, and chat through most lectures. Only a system built on protecting self-esteem allows them to pass, or an underground cheating and paper-writing ring. Their diplomas are junk.

If these so-called scholars are paying attention in class, that’s probably even worse. Who knows what they are reading – it surely won’t be anything wise. Foucault instead of Gibbons, some anarchist instead of the Federalist Papers, some novel of questionable quality but the right amount of victimhood in the author’s life.

Most students are also taking pulverizingly moronic classes and majors (e.g. “Harry Potter and Post-Colonial Attitudes”). Does a degree in Art History, Marketing, or even Engineering for that matter, make one more politically astute than working a blue collar job or running your own small business?

Of course, plaudits for the socialism of Europe are frequent in the classroom. The welfare state will be explained as an unrealized good; capitalism, a necessary evil. Never will there be an assignment to make an analogy to today’s Left with the atrocities of communism, but any Right wing activity will engender a frenzy of Nazi and Mussolini comparisons. It will always be the specter of Christian hillbillies with shotguns that the professors wail on about and not ISIS. Some new minor occurrence of bigotry will put the campus in an uproar; the 5,000 honor killings each year, or the slow motion genocide in Syria, not so much.

Further, the religious at university are scoffed at (unless Muslim of course), and atheism is subtly, sometimes blatantly, championed as “scientific” and “intellectually rigorous.” In other words, you are a dimwit if you believe in God. Materialism is rampant. A religious studies professor I once had went into apoplectic tirades over the Christian religious wars of the 1600s while radiantly he spoke at length of Islam’s great contributions to society, never mentioning that faith’s bloody rise a solitary time. He also routinely handed out literature that supposedly “proved” science could explain consciousness as a brain activity, and the existence of the universe using reason. This is not an abnormal experience for the undergrad.

The use of military might makes everyone on campus squeamish, and the study of military history comes down to simplistic condemnations of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Dresden, Vietnam, and now, Iraq. Students learn the massacres of Rwanda and Srebrenica, but very little about wars that changed history for the better. The Underground Railroad is no doubt worthy of study and terrific admiration, but why aren’t students informed about the decisive battles that actually ended the demonic horrors of slavery?

The “educated” today trot unwittingly and optimistically down the same path as the League of Nations founders, believing the super-educated, with certificates in peace studies and conflict resolution, will disappear all the world’s woes with their singular genius.

But isn’t it scary that a human activity that has been part of 93% of our species’ history – war – is hardly studied in college, or even sparks the interest in many students or professors? How can an academic claim to be curious and not be curious about warfare?

More yet, most college professors are horrendous. A great myth in our society is that “teachers are heroes.” A very few teachers are even worthy of respect. In my life, I remember exactly three who were gifted, and three might be above average compared to most students’ experience.

I once had a teacher come into my class with printed out Wikipedia notes to give her lecture! A young kid recently told me that her teacher let the tuition-paying lead the class, assigning each know-nothing a chapter in the text book as she sat back and watched and graded their teaching!

And it is common today, as everyone knows, for classes to devolve into a weird meeting where people state their name and then search their skulls for any past victimizing event to regale the class with. Then ensues a competition for the trophy of most egregious experience of prejudice. As this transpires everyone has rabbit ears – just trying to pick out a wayward phrase that could even slightly be construed as racist, homophobic, sexist, or Islamophobic so they can be “victimized” yet again.

The facts, history, logic, and truth – of course – sit on the sideline like the children at recess whom no one picks.

All this is the stuff of the “educated” vote. This is not to imply the Right is chockablock with sagacious, sharp souls. On the contrary, there is an level of idiocy and ignorance on the non-Left that is startling. It’s just that some diploma recipient who will cast a ballot for a Democrat is just as likely – perhaps more so – to be fantastically foolish and dim.