Emotional Hypocrisy

May 24, 2016
Dillon Freed

Emotional hypocrisy today is epidemic and shameful.  We see extravagances of rage over relatively minor societal disturbances; and conversely, frugal indignation concerning actual evil and idiocy.

We watch people go berserk over dubious accusations of “racially charged” language, and then observe the calm manner in which they discuss inner-city murder rates.

There are enormous, frothing mouth and bulging eyed protest rallies after the rare instances of police killings of young black males; but only quiet townhalls about gang violence.

Hysterical people claim Donald Trump’s words are extremely harmful to the psychologies of young minorities, but then, these same people are defensive when it is suggested that Chief Keef’s lyrics aren’t “just music”?

Likewise they panicked and covered their children’s ears after the word “schlonged” was heard in a presidential debate, but then excitedly went out and bought their kids Beyonce’s new album with lines like “When he f— me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.” (And who can forget her totally non-Trumpesque line, “he Monica Lewinskied all on my blouse.”)

Hyperventilation occurs about the so-called gender wage gap and catcalling, but a mere silence and a brief head-shake is given to the horror of honor killings and female genital mutilation in the Muslim world?

Patronizing guffaws for those who state Christ is their Lord and Savior; deep-eyed stares and slow head-nods of understanding when they listen to Muslims confess their faith. Snarky feelings about the Bible are routine as are patient questions about the nature of the Koran.

Extreme worry over right-wing Christian militias; a “let’s not make it worse” attitude toward ISIS. Frenzy concerning hallucinations of the KKK on college campuses; a feeling that the Right is “overreacting” after actual mass murders by Islamic terrorists.

They feel devastation concerning the child sweatshops used by large corporations; ho-hum feelings about the genocide of Yazidi children in the Islamic State.

Deep-sighs and hand-wringing over Bush’s waterboarding; blank looks or “what’s the big deal” faces when Obama’s droning is broached.

There are multitudes who shriek about American women being brainwashed into accepting the limits of being a housewife by a male dominated, Western world. But the same people will acrimoniously tell you that a woman who wishes to wear a hijab is merely making a personal choice and we should respect that.

There is adoration for a homogenous Europe as a place of true tolerance; but feelings of wrath for a heterogenous America that has genuinely had to navigate the challenges of an authentically diverse society.

There is a ton of fretful finger wagging about large corporations as those same fingers calmly drop to their large corporation made smartphones and computers, and proceed to use the large corporations of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype, Snapchat, etc.

A Mexican draping himself in a Mexican flag as he marches through American cities spawns admiration in the hearts of many in the US; however, an American wrapping himself in his nation’s standard causes those same people to feel ashamed.

There is fury over the lack of skin-color diversity on campus; apathy toward the lack of mental diversity on campus.

Feelings of righteous exhilaration in seeing a white-owned cake shop being humiliated for not serving a gay wedding; and shall we say, a bit less fortitude in doing the same thing to the homophobic black church?

A flipping out when anyone tries to control any aspect of their social life, or when they believe society “programs” them to work, say, a 9 to 5. Pure joy when the government plans to take care of all their adult decisions like health care and education.

I could go on and on. And truthfully a similar – though not as extensive list – could be made for those on the other side. For example, a prideful feeling that the Right is not as vulgar as the Left, and of course, their juvenile obsession with Trump’s vulgarities.

But it is the Left who is most guilty of emotional hypocrisy for two reasons: First, the Left suffers from an advanced case of narcissism as well as hero-worship. Of course, they are their own heroes, and obsessed with themselves. Each day they must save the day – and if there is not a building on fire, in the morning they must be arsonists, so at night they can put on their capes.

Second, the hypocrisy comes in because the cause they seek to champion cannot put them in a position against any group of people who at one point or another in history were America’s enemies – foreign or domestic. Thus, for instance, the fixation on current Christianity’s minor peccadilloes compared to the nonchalance about today’s Islam’s egregious transgressions.