Brexit and Trump: Two Middle Fingers to the Left

July 1, 2016
Dillon Freed

So much for respecting the will of the people and democracy. Why are those who most championed the power of the people so angry that the people used that power? It is sort of funny to watch the flailing of the Left over this, and maybe now all can appreciate why the American government was designed to move so slowly and is not a direct democracy.

For the record, I was against the Brexit, just as I am against Trump, but I’m not a damn fool. The Left acts as if the Right is natively bigoted and stupid – that the Brexit was an expression of latent racism as well as a question of intelligence. But as we see often, castigations of racism is recourse for the unthinking.

There may have been misinformation by the Leaver leaders, but there was a horde of people waiting for any pretext to express their repressed anger. What was the source of this repressed fury? Why were so many so ready to give the middle finger to Europe and the Left as Americans had given that same middle finger via Trump?



There is a relativism haunting the Western world – it has become, in the minds of Conservatives, an idiocy in which the Left sees all cultures, all ideas as all good. The Right has raised its eyebrows to this. They look around and don’t believe it. They see these weird sort of comparisons being made: “Yes, the Middle East is bad to women, but look how we treat women in Europe and America.” :You know, Christianity has also had its dark periods.” “Yes, the other parts of the world are violent, but England/America isn’t very good either.” The conservatives gaze at the people who say this and think, “Are you out of your mind?”


Hierarchy and Inversion

At the same time there is an equation of things not actually equal, there is a hierarchy that suggests, for instance, Islam is better than Christianity, or that socialism is superior to capitalism. One man told me, “Every time there is Islamic terrorism, why is it that a few weeks later there is always some report about the rise of white, right wing groups? Why does the focus shifts to guns, or Christians and their homophobia? We ain’t killin’ nobody.”

Naturally, the educated people who write the newspapers and make the news shows, believe that those wishing to stay in the EU were hip, bright, worldly, and forward-thinking, and those wanting an exit were knuckle-dragging hate mongers. Just watch how those who framed the debate talked about those who wanted to leave: It was the noble versus ignoble, the young versus old, smart versus dumb, the future versus the past, cosmopolitanism versus nationalism, accepting versus bigoted, affluent versus poor, the angelic versus demonic sub-humans.

Creating such damning dualities is dangerous and only makes those on the wrong side of an argument retrench.


Over use of terms like Racist, Islamophobe, Et cetera. 

There is a deluge of epithets thrown at the Right. I can’t tell you how many times in the past ten years I have seen conservatives called racists, Islamophobes, homophobes, Nazis, Fascists, or have been told by people (who themselves have very hateful faces), that the Rightwing is full of hate. This is crazy because 99% of the Conservatives I know are not racist in any way. They just believe in looking at individuals. Any minority is welcome to the Right if they believe as the Right does.

But I warn this is color-blindness on the Right is changing. This obsession with race is now starting to make whites look at themselves as white, to “identify” as white and not in the sense of white guilt. We are seeing a terrible redux of the 1500s up through to the 1950s, that is, a dangerous return of white pride.


A Perception of Anti-White Society 

Now, this is interesting. Why is it said that “it’s perfectly understandable that inner-city residents would vent their frustration with riots because they aren’t listened to,” but one can’t say, poor, whites won’t like “vent”? What we are seeing in Europe is that revolt. Somewhat impoverished, middle-class caucasians feel they are blamed for everything in the West, and they feel that they are now the victims.

So while the Left blames whites on the Right for the destruction of their country. Is it surprising the Right is now blaming immigration?


Lack of Patriotism

This is major. Most of all, conservatives hate, what they perceive, as the lack of patriotism in the educated British and newly arrived immigrants. It may not be articulated that way, but that’s what chiefly drove the people to want to be out of the EU. Consider how the Left often hates gentrification because it ruins traditional minority communities in urban areas. In analogy, the Right hates immigration in the same way – it changes traditional majority communities by the influx of the unwanted. It may not be correct to feel this way, but it is understandable.


Hatred of One-Worldism 

The Right wonders why the Left, who seem so anti-authority, are so willing to want a one-Europe government? The Right ironically feels as if they have read Kafka and 1984 and are declining the invitation to the bureaucracy and to enormous conglomerates of power. They wonder why the Left so willing to experiment with such things as the EU?

This, in a way, is Europe’s version of the Federalist versus Anti-Federalist debate. How much power should states have versus the Federal government?


Lack of a Sense of Humor

This may seem sort of a stretch as a reason for the Brexit, but there is a total lack of a sense of humor on the Left. Political correctness even has comedians not willing to do stand up on campus. No one cares what your intention is any more when you speak, your words will be ripped from any context if it is possible to make those words make you appear racist. More yet, most any political humor on television is directed at the Right. Try watching any comedy show and pretend that your political affiliations are not with the Left – you may sense why the Right feels under attack.


The Arab Spring 

The Arab Spring – championed by the Left as democracy coming to the Middle East (some of us didn’t believe it) – has also played a part in the Brexit. The Arab Spring led to the fall of Syria, which lead to ISIS, which lead to Civil War, which lead to refugees, which lead to migration to Europe, which lead to the EU forcing Britain to take Syrian refugees (improperly vetted) against their wills.


In sum, the Brexit was not merely because of “racism” and “stupidity.” There are complex – if not eloquently expressed – emotions behind the Brexiters votes. The Left is fond of saying that we must “listen to the other side” and “try to validate their experiences” – so why don’t they do that with the Right? The Right is saying: we don’t feel respected, we feel blamed for everything, we feel that whites, specifically white conservatives, are under siege, that Christianity is disrespected, and so forth. Make no mistake: these are the opening salvos of a revolution. Conservatism is now having its counterculture moment – it has stepped outside the mass of groupthink. This is the 1969 of the Right. This may not necessarily be a good thing in the end, but it is the truth.