Overcome Jealousy

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Jealousy ruins relationships. It ruined some of mine for sure. This is the program I came up with to deal with jealousy. It isn’t easy to overcome, but it is possible! Have faith!

NOTE: This is not to treat or diagnosis any disease. This is merely advice. We highly urge to seek professional help for any mental health concerns. Stop worrying about any social stigma that goes with it and get the help you need! There is no shame in it. Listen, if you have a broken arm you go to the doctor to get it healed. If you have some broken neurons, then go to the doctor to get it healed. Of course, do what you can on your own as well. But please, get help if you need it – from professionals. There is only bravery in that, no shame! Best, Dillon


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My name is Dillon Freed. I have worked with over half a million people through a wide variety of products and programs that deal with reaching maximum potential. This is my personal site but you can also check out https://Boing.LIFE and https://GeniusLIFE.co to learn more about me!

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