What a Walk through the Forest can Teach You about Life and Business



Rare Emotions

Most self-help focuses on controlling your conscious thought. Change your thoughts and feelings change. This program turns that on its head: change (and get rid of) certain feelings and your thoughts will change.

Morning RARES Protocol

Start your day off like a rare person.

Rare Gratitude

Thinking of things to be grateful everyday can get tedious and take the fun out of it! This will help. (FREE!)

Overcoming a Break-Up

This is a program I put together to help you get over a break-up. I made this free because I know how hard it is, and you just need help now.

Rare Entrepreneur

Develop the psychology of an entrepreneur.


GeniusLIFE is my company that makes products that help people achieve great results in a variety of industries. VizzyGENIUS is a program that specializes in helping you “see into the future” by visualizing.